Please visit our FAQ page for specific info on ordering.

We offer unique designs/products for Unitedites wanting a little bit more than what's on offer elsewhere.

We pride ourselves on LIMITED EDITION items - we don't mass-produce. Our aim is to provide unique items in small quantities. The thought of our products becoming 'collectors items' in years to come far outweighs the need to sell to the masses.

All our products are professionally hand-made and are made to last.

Once a product is sold out that's it - there won't be any more. So if you see something you like it's probably best to get it while it's there.

We plan to upload new designs frequently but there won't ever be dozens of items available at once as the likelihood is that new designs/products will be in place of items that have sold out.

After initially starting out selling just T-Shirts (under the alias Blades Tees), we have since branched out to a vast array of goods including mugs, bottle openers and coasters. We have lots in the pipeline too and the best way of ensuring you stay in the loop is by following us on twitter: @shorehamst and instagram: @shorehamstreet.

All sales are final. Refunds only issued if item is deemed faulty.