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Bertie Blade Beanie


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Straight back in with our next head-warming apparel as we introduce our Bertie Blade Beanie. And, as you can see, we've gone without a Bobble this time. A little less lairy but just a cool as all our other stuff.

It comes in a vivid red and features a unique embroidered 3D motif of the Shoreham St. Magnifique mascot... Bertie Blade - who wears the fluorescent away shirt from 1989 whilst supping a pint of Stones'.

It's finished off with a stitched-in woven label which features lyrics from a famous old Shoreham terrace chant, which on one side reads: "AND THAT IS SHOREHAM STREET" and on the flip side reads: "WHERE IT IS MAGNIFIQUE".


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