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1986 Retro

1986 Retro
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Roll back to May 2017; we put a couple of designs on T-Shirts and tried flogging them. Today we release our second ACTUAL FOOTBALL SHIRT. 🔥

The first was, of course, our extremely well-received "Bashambauer" jersey. That remains our fastest-selling item to date - selling out in just under two hours.

As many of you well know, we like to keep moving forward. In fact, we pride ourselves on United's overlapping centre halves. Just... keep... going... forward.

With that in mind, we go back. 32 years actually. We've recreated one of the most sought-after United change strips ever. The holy grail to many collectors. You simply don't see them around. This 1:1 reissue is a sure-fire head-turner and conversation-starter in the boozer. If it's nostalgia you crave, you've arrived. It's everything a United away shirt should be. Why? Who knows, it just is.

The images really do the talking here. These are limited but in a different way to our normal limited runs. Pre-order will be open for SEVEN DAYS ONLY. After this your chance is gone.

If you want one, buy one. If you can't decide, buy one. If you don't, just buy one.