Shoreham St. Magnifique
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Bertie Blade Pin Series | No.2

Bertie Blade Pin Series | No.2
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The second installment of our series of pins featuring our beloved Bertie Blade. Pretty sure you know by now that we brought this former club mascot back to life in 2017, adopting him as our very own. We also updated his wardrobe...

"Aggro" Bertie sports a casual Summer look, wearing adidas Malmö, shorts, Benetton / Shoreham polo whilst nonchalantly waving his pyro about.

"Nineties" Bertie is exactly that. Laver shirt, Tango and Samba whilst enjoying a nice cold one - Peroni of course.

£5 each or buy both together and save a quid!

Limited edition - like all our stuff. Only 30 of each made.

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