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Bertie Blade Mugs

Bertie Blade Mugs
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Look who's back, back again, Bertie's back, tell a friend...

Remember that lovely yellow away shirt United had in 1991 made by Umbro? What a shirt that was. A white variation of it was also later introduced as the third shirt - quite a limited release was that one and remains highly sought-after amongst Unitedites.

Anyhoo... we've combined both those classic shirts with our reincarnation of Bertie Blade and the results are quite spectacular. 😄

Upon the mugs is Bertie himself wearing the respective shirts whilst supping a freshly made brew from our sold out 1981 kit mug. The backdrop of the design features the eye-catching sleeve 'dash' design that adorned the original shirts. The subtle addition of our retro-style "FAR AND WIDE ©" logo finishes the mugs off nicely.

You should know; these mugs are plastic. They're not plastic because we've done them on the cheap - it's intentional. It bangs home the retro effect we're trying to execute. The mugs are dishwasher proof and they also cannot be smashed by the office snorter, who's getting increasingly frustrated by the massive gap.

All they need now is filling up with somet' wet n waaarm.


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