Shoreham St. Magnifique

Going t'match wi' Shred

“Tell mi Mam, mi Mam, I’m not going t’bed, t’bed, I’m going t’match wi’ Shred, tell mi Mam, mi Mam...”

Went the chant on the back of the rusty, old, ironically branded, Diamond Travel bus. Shred’s Tours. Making our way back to Sheffield, via Shepshed, Ripley and anywhere else we could ‘have an hour’.

“...and his coaches are shite, but we stay all night, David Spencer’s Tours” we sang to him. He hated it. “MIND THE FURNITURE” he responded. Times like that, the result earlier that day really didn’t matter. Happy Days.

27/2/2018 marks the third anniversary of his tragic passing. Away days will never be the same without the big man. He took literally hundreds of Unitedites under his wing; all in the spirit of getting his beloved Blades bigger and better support.

Now, we remember him and celebrate his life as THE Blades Legend with a truly unique trio of pin badges:

• Diamond Travel
An illustration of Shred's preferred choice of (truly luxurious) transport company.

• Happy Days
The man himself, illustrated celebrating promotion to the Premier League, 2006.

• David Spencer's Tours
Our adaptation paying homage to Shred's much-travelled, favourite pin badge.

The pin badge set comes housed in a luxurious display box which includes a foam insert with a deep red velour topcoat. The box lid features an embossed metallic red foil-stamped graphic.

Numerous donations were made to The British Heart Foundation by ourselves and others following his passing. With this in mind, it has been decided than a percentage of all proceeds will instead go directly to the Spencer family.