Shoreham St. Magnifique

United Are Back Ale

United Are Back Ale

Pubs are on the verge of closing their doors nationwide but fear not as we're bringing the beer to you!

We've once again teamed up with Stancill Brewery to offer our collaborative Ale 'UNITED ARE BACK' in bag-in-a-box form available with FREE DELIVERY to any "S" postcode.

The boxes comprise of 3L (5 pints) and are suitably sized for refrigerating. They can also be kept out of the fridge if you prefer your ale without a chill. Once opened they last approx. 3 days.

Blonde 4.3% brewed with Cascade hops.

We've teamed up with Stancill Brewery to offer free delivery during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Once your order is placed we will pass delivery details on to the brewery who will give us an estimated delivery time which we will then relay to you. Contact-free delivery is available for those who are self-isolating or those who favor that option. Delivery will start from Saturday 21st March. Orders received outside "S" postcode areas will be cancelled unfortunately.